Leech Hunter

When you beat the game on any difficulty, this mini game will unlock.  Your objective is to collect 100 leech charms (50 green for Rebecca; 50 blue for Billy) around the Umbrella Training Facility.  Beware, just like in the main game, there are the BOWs lurking around.  Depending on how many leech charms you collect by the time you leave the front doors of the Facility, depends on what prize or prizes you will earn.  If you die, you collect nothing.  Leech charms can't be exchanged or picked up by the wrong character.  Rebecca can't pick up a blue charm; Billy can't pick up a green one.  There is no time limit.  Good luck.

Hints and Tips

1.   You should for no reason need to enter the western wing of the first floor.  There are no gems inside and you take more of a chance being damaged by the Leech Zombies inside.

2.   Use your medical options wisely, if you have Billy don't run and heal right when he dips into caution, try and make more progress for healing.

3.   This guide is most effective when trying to kill all zombies before you
begin collecting gems, when you get around 97 or 98 certain areas will be
refilled, take note of this as you progress through the walkthrough.

4.   This guide is based around you getting the magnum, for this you should have Billy in the
Suit and Rebecca in the skater outfit. At the beginning you should see a green and blue herb.

5.   When you start the Leech Hunter game, split Billy and Rebecca up, and switch to Billy. You should do this because Billy can take a lot of damage, way more than Rebecca. Do not grab any leeches yet, save all that for last.

6.   Go to the sewer and grab the shotgun and shells, then go up the ladder at the side, to the train wreck, kill all the hunters, and without picking anything up, go back to the start and start from the place you think are the hardest to get through, and kill the strongest monsters, and only the monsters that get in your way, to save ammo.

7.   After going room by room, killing the monsters that you need to kill, go to Rebecca and partner up with her. THEN grab the leeches, you'll have a much easier time navigating through the game, without any monsters.

8.   Kill ALL the enemies before even attempting to grab 1 leech.

9.   Despite what most people think, this game is MUCH easier if both Billy and Becky are taken along with you. With both characters there, you can tear up a whole room easy,manage your weapons/item slots,etc.

10.  Knowing when to heal your characters is important. If Billy drops to caution, try to make some more progress before administering health. However, the second Becky drops to caution, HEAL HER. She is extremely weak and could die easily. This makes it important to control her so you may try to keep her out of trouble.

11.  In some cases, split up.

12.  Keep your partner on attack during this game, so that they can provide cover fire for you. It's a pain to get attacked by all sides and get bitten in the ass.

13.  The costumes that you select for your characters greatly differs the layout of the game. There are 6 different variations of the game but this guide is based on the easiest. I might add more later on, though. Two outfit sets will give you some cool weapons, the SMG or Magnum.

Video Walkthrough


A - 100 Leech Charms - Unlimited Ammo for All Weapons

B - 90-99 Leech Charms - Magnum Revolver in Room 201 of Train

C - 60-89 Leech Charms - Unlimited Hunting Gun Ammo

D - 30-59 Leech Charms - Unlimited Handgun Ammo

E - 1-29 Leech Charms - More Submachine Gun Ammo found throughout the game